About Me

My name is Iñigo Illarramendi and I’m a sports and videogame enthusiast. I have been reading about my interests for years and I always thought of starting my own blog to write about them. This is a passion project so please don’t judge me too harshly.    😉

My first love was football, as it is for the majority of kids from where I’m from. In the USA people call it soccer, but it’s hard for me to use that word, so football/american football will have to do. I’ve been an Athletic Club de Bilbao supporter my whole life, and being as it is one of the last few remaining clubs owned by its fans I’ve been a club member for the last four years. At age 12 I started playing basketball and immediately fell in love with the game and the athletic ability of NBA players, being Kevin Garnett the player I tried to model my game after. For many years the NBA was my main sporting love, which turned my sleeping habits into a frenzy. Later on I would develop an interest in mixed martial arts and american football, and became passionate about the ins and outs of both sports, but being as they are minority sports where I’m from it has been difficult to find people interested in them to share my passion.

I also love videogames and videogames culture. It started at a young age when my older cousins showed me and my brothers the SNES, and since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve owned every PlayStation system and every Nintendo portable system, along with some home consoles from Nintendo and Microsoft, as well as gaming with my PC and lately with my phone. At first I didn’t really consider mobile gaming “true gaming”, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that games are made to be enjoyed, no matter the medium.

If you follow my blog you will find mainly news about what’s going on both in the Sports, and Videogame worlds. I’m going to try and develop my writing, as I have no background in writing.

Thanks for reading!

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